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Andy Palacio † 1960-2008

Andy Palacio, an iconic musician and activist of Garifuna culture crowned with success last year with his album „Wátina“, one of the most critically acclaimed recordings of the year in any genre, tragically passed away two nights ago.

A national hero in his homeland Belize already, he was named a UNESCO Artist for Peace in 2007 and won the prestigious WOMEX Award [1]. Palacio was known for blending traditional elements and popular music advocating Garifuna language and culture. „That Palacio has been struck down at a moment of such international acclaim only increases the sense of shock and tragedy felt at his sudden and untimely death“ (official press release of Stonetree Records [2] via CAC Review [3]).

In memory of Andy Palacio please visit his MySpace [4] page and the blog of his latest record label Cumbancha [5].

Here is an earlier featured video [6] of Andy behind the scenes of Wátina: