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Cyberspace Ethnography

Maximilian Forte’s new experimental course, Cyberspace Ethnography [1], at Concordia University in Montreal might not be that experimental after all to the students of zephyrin_xirdal [2] at the University of Munich, but for everyone else interested in the subject, I can only recommend to take a look at ANTH 498C [3], because although we might not be able to attend, Max has made an effort in providing tons of introductory material and resources. A rather complex bibliography [4] for the initiated you can explore because of zephyrin_xirdal’s long standing work.

„New media, such as those contained in the World Wide Web, are unlike mass media. With new media the consumers are often also the producers. The previous recipients of messages mediated by broadcasters is a reality that has been significantly eroded by a new generation of persons who produce messages, the narrow casters, engaged in customized production and consumption. We have moved from a communicative media world of one-to-many to one that is many-to-many.“ (A PRELIMINARY MANIFESTO [3] by M. F.)

Good luck with your project!