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Discussion IV … Ethnologik

And last but not least … No. 4:

Ethnologik 2006The newest debate is about the editorial of the new edition of Ethnologik [1], the student magazine of the Department of Ethnology and African Studies [2] in Munich. The new crew, many thanks to them for publishing a wonderful new issue with enlightening and exciting articles (although I have to be critical about it soon), at the same time updating and designing their and the student representatives‘ new homepage [1], explains in a brilliant way why ethnology or cultural anthropology is not a luxury subject but a „Powerflower [3]„!

Nevertheless the author of the editorial used the term „Ausländer“ („foreigner“, in this case it might be better to translate with „alien“, but actually it is more a debate concerning German linguistic sophistication) and already caused a debate on … well, I don’t know … on linguistic terms. Just like the debate on „culture“ just a decade ago. Once again, Zeph [4] wrote a brilliant reponse to the matter. But please, read for yourselves … once again … „Powerflower“ – die neue Ethnologik ist da! [5] (unfortunately only in German).