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Foretaste of Punta

It has almost been a week since I returned from my short-break holiday [1] in southern France and I am already all the way up into preparation for the real gig. Besides digging my head into the correction and evaluation of the midterm exam at our department and going at it hammer and tongs to finish in time, the final organization to be done for my time in Canada and Honduras the next couple of months and all the little foretastes are what keeps me thinking in delight and beyond the approximately six hundred examination pages about Morgan, Tyler, Malinowski, Keertzer, Geertz, Evans-Pritchard, Kopytoff, Polanyi, and Sahlins, just to name a few.
Sure enough that (as a purpose of this blog) I would like to share some of the pleasant aspects of my upcoming field research [2] with you. One of the things I will be participantly observing is somewhat called Punta – a Garínagu dance and music style. Enjoy this rather modern version and video mixing Punta with a bit of Reggae by a musician called Dayaan „Nuru“ Ellis from Dangriga, Belize, kindly provided by Garifuna American Heritage Foundation United [3] via You Tube [4]… „This is how we dance punta“: