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Home of Field Research

My dear friend anthronaut [1] will be leaving for Perú [2] soon. Good luck!! He had a brilliant idea indicating where he will be at. Have a look yourselves [3]!

Predestined for copying this idea, thanks also to Google Earth [4]. This is where I will be spending days and nights very soon for my doctoral field research on „Hybridity and Migration of the Garínagu in Central America [5]„:

The center and my main field research area: Tela, Atlántida, Honduras.

A slightly remoter area during my upcoming field research to the East of Honduras: the way from Iriona to Sangrelaya, Colón, in the Mosquitia.

Sangrelaya: situated in between the sea and various lagoons, mangroves, and palm-trees.

Sangrelaya Close Up. Only access by water transport.