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Multimedia Report: Three years after the Tsunami


„A bit belated“, just like zephyrin [2] wrote, but with the same congratulations for our friend and colleague Matthias Eberl for publishing his audio slideshow „Drei Jahre nach dem Tsunami [1]“ (in German) at Spiegel Online [3], asking what happened to the donations to a small fishing village in the South of India – the Prana Project [4] iniciated by anthropologists Matthias Laubscher and Hilde Link.

My entry is not supposed to talk about the project itself or this report three years after (there is an interesting „making of“ at his blog Rufposten [5]), but rather just to give the shout-outs to Matthias and promote once more his unique and personally developed „multimedia report [6]„. In July 2006 I reviewed and promoted his first public audio slideshow „Das Finale der Passanten [7]„, a new type of journalistic (and anthropological) presentation indeed. Zephyrin seems to be convinced as well that his „developing of true multimedia formats is of tremendous interest for representing anthropological knowledge“.

There is a text-based tutorial [8] of Matthias‘ multimedia report format about Munich’s Central Station [9] (in German) as well as an essay on „multimedia as instrument for ethnological representation [10]“ (in German), if you are interested any further. Matthias is currently also teaching „Multimedia ethnography online [11]“ at the University of Bayreuth.