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New Features

Thinking about blogosphere I couldn’t help to feel disappointed of many plea- sant and helpful entries lost in the great void of the world wide web within time. Consequently I started to install and test new plugins here on this site.

First of all, there is a new feature called „Popularity Contest“, kindly provided by Alex King [1], presenting you warauduati’s Most Popular Entries. On a personal level it is interesting to follow which articles are read and commented the most, but on an administrative level I hope for some maybe valuable infor- mation (at least in my unassuming and modest believe) not to be lost within cyberspace. Because of the fear of a distorting statistics, I set the popularity values of home, archive, category, and feed views to „0“, only counting comments (30 pts), permalinks (30), pings (50), and trackbacks (80). I hope that these settings will show the readers of this blog which entries are found and read the most within time.

Secondly, I am running a test phase of „Search Phrases“, provided by Glüh- weinjunkies [2], although after a few hours I already notice that the feature is not showing the 100% valid googles. It is very well likely that I will shut down this plugin in a few days again.

Thirdly, the next days I will work on an „Articles List Page“ as well as on a „Photos List Page“ to provide a faster and more convenient way to search through this blog for bygone but still interesting entries, instead of browsing the archives and categories. This time Alex King [3]’s „Articles“ plugin didn’t work out for me because I don’t want to list articles below the implemented cate- gories. So this feature might take a few days of construction, but with the advantage to also post some old published articles such as in Ethnologik [4].

Anyway, another few hours of figuring out blogosphere in its terms and by all means, the technical finesse is still an unread book to me …