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Comptine D’un Autre Ete by Stevie Ryan

Nothing much happened during my absence of You Tube [1]. Apart from another Ooolalaa [2] music clip featuring The White Stripes with „Seven Nation Army“, the Littleloca [3] stuff is still the same and gets kind of boring actually. Nevertheless other interpretations by Stevie Ryan [4] keep my attention. Once again she has done a wonderful nostalgia vid that’s worth watching. If I am not mistaken by my short research, the beautiful music is by Yann Tiersen [5], a young Breton versatile minimalist multiinstrumentalist (see Wikipedia [6]). Simply enjoy, nothing more…

Reviving the „old days“ … as a counterpart to cyberculture? Yet so much of cyberculture as it gets, which reminds me of an overdue reply to zephyrin on xirdalium [7] which might follow within the next weeks (promised?).