Much Ado About LittleLoca from East L.A.

Notes on todays cruise through the internet …

My itinerary – Friday, the 16th of June 2006:

  • 11:00 Yet another YouTube video: Germany’s joker goal in overtime to win their second match against Poland in the ongoing World Cup 2006 and celebrations in Munich (via odd-fish and 2R)!
    11:05 Actually I never got into YouTube very much … so time to check it out finally.
    11:06 Lots of vids of last days goals. Wonderful to watch some great shots once again.
    11:20 Wow, what all there’s to find and watch and laugh here…
    11:21 Ooops, what’s that? „The Queen is back!“ … a fairly new video by littleloca … 9 minutes … let’s see and enjoy!
    11:23 I cannot stop laughing … what is going on here? Please continue …
    11:30 Oh my, „hi everybody, the bitch is back …“ – A latina gangsta bride? Cussing and cursing? Mexican accent, gangsta-rap in the background, makeup all over her face, little Marilyn Monroe spot on her right cheek, outlined eyebrows and some mammoth earrings … cute though in a certain way … but what a cliché. Who is this?
    11:31 LittleLoca is Cynthia, 18 years old, from East L.A., likes „making flows“, and „be makin the cash money now“. 118,694 Views, 1349 Subscribers. Who is this?
    11:33 More videos. „Hey yo, party people …“ LittleLoca Prom! and A Flow! and Intro To Little Loca aka *giggles*.
    11:38 Let’s see what else there’s to find. Let’s google! … Not much … but wait: „Little Loca Outed as Stevie Ryan“. Who is Stevie Ryan?
    11:40 Ah, also on YouTube. Stevie Ryan, 22 years old, from Badsville, loves Charlie Chaplin and Vintage, and is an „Actress/writer and director of my little films“ such as Satin Doll or Oh Valentine…! Subscribers: e.g. LittleLoca.
    11:45 O.K., so what’s the deal?
    11:46 Littleloca, Stevie Ryan? by CoinOperatedGurl! LittleLoca aka Stevie Ryan aka LittleLoca is Drake Bell’s girlfriend.
    11:50 Loca En el Cabeza by daphne0:
  • Nice job, but you’ve been discovered … It was too much to think you both shopped for eyebrows at the same store … Sorry, Toobers don’t like to be fooled … Again … Thanks for the entertainment (…) daphne„. Daphne0 further states in the additional comment: „I just realized why this saga affects so many people. One reason is that her ‚character‘ is acting just like a bully. So, either you identify with the bully or you identify with the one being bullied. Or you identify with those who stand by and watch. (…) I’ve come to see that there are many Latinos in the community who are genuinely hurt by this kind of stereotyping. Her friend says they like ‚Acting Mexican‘ – and that is a shameful attitude to have. The Latino community is going through a difficult situation right now, and spreading this type of stereotype is counterproductive to what they are trying to achieve … acceptance.

  • 11:53 (thinking) … he’s got a point there …
    11:57 (new cup of coffee) … let’s see what else …
    11:58 Just a quickie – Littleloca Parody by vontana and Sean’s response to littleloca aka stevieryan by bo0tiful.
    12:04 I wonder. Many people, as seen not only by all the parodies there are to find, but also by the number of subscribers to LittleLoca and by guestbook entries and comments, seem to have taken a great part in what Loca had and has to say – supporters and believers as well as strong opponents. She has been doing „her thing“ for a month now and seems to be one of the biggest hits in YouTube.
    Personally, at the beginning I was simply laughing, then I got curious, then astonished, suddenly lost in thoughts, curious again, astonished, laughing and at the same time thoughtful, and still curious. Who is this? Who is LittleLoca? Who is Stevie Ryan?
    12:20 daphne demands:
  • It seems an LA actress was trying to pull one over on the Toobers. Hopefully, she will be a man about it and post a ‚Death of Littleloca‘ video soon.

  • 12:25 My curiosity led me here: the Bullfighter’s Café – Suenos Realizados. This is Stevie Ryan:
  • In May 2006, 35,000 videos a day were being added to video broadcasting site, with an estimated 30 million clips being viewed daily. Everybody and their momma was posting up videos. Then, one little chola from Eastlos topped the charts. Little Loca was soon ousted as caucasian actress Stevie Ryan and her fun loving character became the center of some serious racial comments. Is she an artist or perpetrator? Are you a lover or hater? Here at the Cafe, we embrace artistic expression and we’re intrigued by the Loca/Stevie phenom. We stand behind Stevie’s decision to continue producing her shorts and here’s why…
    Read the interview

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