Carnaval Ceibeño

The reason for stumbling across Gloria Rosales‚ weather forecast (below) was my subscription to Betomango (Betoman Studios at La Ceiba) at YouTube, who posted a rather more interesting video back in March 2007. Yankee Col, La Vieja Escuela, and the here on various occasions featured Aurelio Martinez had joined together to participate for the official song and video for the Gran Carnaval Internacional Ceibeño 2007 with a musical fusion of the popular Reggaeton and garifuna Punta. „Fiesta en Carnaval“, directed by Jardiel Quezada and Roberto Zelaya, is one of these examples of musical creolization throughout all the afro-latin-world that are more and more en vogue.

The rhythm of Punta was also used by the winners Douglas Guardado and the Gold Star Band in „Mi Novia en Carnaval“, which somehow states my thesis of how politics and society are currently using the image of multicultural diversity more than ever to promote tourism in Honduras. Besides a higher awareness level there’s unfortunately not much of improvement to be felt and seen within the actual communities concerned.

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