Quote III

„Nach meinem Research war ich speziell auf Mais und Weizen bullish (…)“ (Hufeisen, Mark, 2007: ABN AMRO marketindex magazin, Nr. 07, S.33.)

By chance I found this sentence in the above indicated magazine while riding the train back home from the University of Bayreuth today. I don’t know why, but I directly had to take a strong and good laugh. Maybe for the Anglicisms or maybe because some kind of overbearing arrogant sense struck me. Maybe, because in a certain way, this remark seems so silly to me.

I guess, as for the Anglicisms in the German language, a translation wouldn’t help much here to give a none German-speaker insight of my thought. So I leave it at that, but not before letting you know that „Handeln“ is totally out of fashion for a successful businessman nowadays:

„Insgesamt sind die Märkte dieses Jahr bisher wirklich aufregend, mit reichlich Volatilität, doch nicht einfach zu traden (…)“ (emphasis mine).

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