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Witty II or „get electrified … „

Published on Freitag, Oktober 19th, 2012

wired yet? … via by Randall Munroe

Witty I

Published on Freitag, Oktober 12th, 2007

nouveau méthode en affaires Found via by Randall Munroe. For the video by Improv Everywhere at You Tube click on the picture … … or read the whole Aspen Story at Improv Everywhere: We cause scenes.

Multum legere …

Published on Donnerstag, August 23rd, 2007

The Strand – Supposedly the greatest antiquarian bookstore of the world, founded in 1927, nowadays storing eighteen miles of books.

Quote III

Published on Mittwoch, Juli 11th, 2007

„Nach meinem Research war ich speziell auf Mais und Weizen bullish (…)“ (Hufeisen, Mark, 2007: ABN AMRO marketindex magazin, Nr. 07, S.33.) By chance I found this sentence in the above indicated magazine while riding the train back home from the University of Bayreuth today. I don’t know why, but I directly had to take […]

Quote II

Published on Samstag, Juli 7th, 2007

„Anyone who flaunts a portable phone as a symbol of power is, on the contrary, announcing to all and sundry his desperate, subaltern position, in which he is obliged to snap to attention, even when making love (…)“. (Eco, Umberto, 1994: How to Travel With a Salmon and Other Essays. London. Original 1992: Il secondo […]

Quote I

Published on Mittwoch, Juni 27th, 2007

„Das ist schön bei uns Deutschen: Keiner ist so verrückt, dass er nicht einen noch Verrückteren fände, der ihn versteht.“ (Heine, Heinrich, 1824/26: Reisebilder: Die Harzreise. ) „This is nice about us Germans: Nobody is that crazy that he wouldn’t find someone even crazier, who understands him.“ (Heine, Heinrich, 1826: The Harz Journey. )

Bored with the Internet

Published on Montag, Mai 7th, 2007

„Bored with the Internet“ by Randall Munroe found at his webcomic site xkcd – A Wecomic of Romance, Sarcasm, Math, and Language – also known for his latest approach of a Map of Online Communities. … in a detour via Savage Minds … and boing boing.

New Features 2

Published on Sonntag, April 8th, 2007

Once again some time passed by to test new plugins for my weblog. Here are the changes: 1) „Link Harvest“ by Alex King: to provide a linkroll for my used external and internal links based on the actual linking activity in my posts and pages. 2) „WP-Print“ by Lester Chan: to provide visitors a printable […]


Published on Samstag, März 24th, 2007

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist. Visit Knut at his blog and see his friends …

„How to eat white sausage“

Published on Dienstag, März 20th, 2007

„Why is Bavaria famous everywhere throughout the world for its Bratwurst?“ I ask myself in a previous entry on the Oktoberfest a couple of weeks ago. Not only for its Bratwurst in general but also for its Weißwurst in particular. The 22nd of February 1857 the beer cellar „Zum ewigen Licht“ at the Marien- platz […]