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Homo Empathicus

Published on Donnerstag, Juni 3rd, 2010

„…anbei ein interessanter Link. Die ‚unsichtbare Hand’ mal ganz anders interpretiert…“, schrieb Martina. Dafür herzlichen Dank!

Cyberspace Ethnography

Published on Donnerstag, Januar 24th, 2008

Maximilian Forte’s new experimental course, Cyberspace Ethnography, at Concordia University in Montreal might not be that experimental after all to the students of zephyrin_xirdal at the University of Munich, but for everyone else interested in the subject, I can only recommend to take a look at ANTH 498C, because although we might not be able […]


Published on Montag, Januar 14th, 2008

Zephyrin_xirdal, currently assistant professor at the Department of Anthro- pology in Munich, provided his audience with a definite abstract of his project – an ethnography of cyberculture. Highly interesting and relevant, and not only for anthropologists, why I am also featuring his long standing work here… Abstract „The project is based upon longlasting and sustainable […]

Multimedia Report: Three years after the Tsunami

Published on Dienstag, Januar 8th, 2008

„A bit belated“, just like zephyrin wrote, but with the same congratulations for our friend and colleague Matthias Eberl for publishing his audio slideshow „Drei Jahre nach dem Tsunami“ (in German) at Spiegel Online, asking what happened to the donations to a small fishing village in the South of India – the Prana Project iniciated […]

Sunny Moments

Published on

I have no clue, why everything has to be posted at YouTube, but I found it funny enough and enjoyed the Honduran forecast by Gloria Rosales at 45tv. Sunny moments in wintertime.

Herbst Ethnologik

Published on Samstag, November 10th, 2007

The students of the Department of Ethnology and African Studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München have just published their new edition of Ethnologik. Various articles and interviews are not only available online now, they may also be commented and discussed thanks to the new structure of In the magazine’s category „Normal in München“ the focus […]

Bored with the Internet

Published on Montag, Mai 7th, 2007

„Bored with the Internet“ by Randall Munroe found at his webcomic site xkcd – A Wecomic of Romance, Sarcasm, Math, and Language – also known for his latest approach of a Map of Online Communities. … in a detour via Savage Minds … and boing boing.


Published on Samstag, März 24th, 2007

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist. Visit Knut at his blog and see his friends …

Maria – Metropolis‘ Evil Seductress

Published on Dienstag, Januar 23rd, 2007

One of the first entries here discussed Metro- polis, a science-fiction-based movie released in 1927 by Fritz Lang. Now, 80 years after its première, toy company Stenco, known for its robots since 1955, reconstructed Maria. Created when the face and soul of human activist Maria is transferred to a female robot, robot Maria now becomes […]

Zu Gast Bei Freunden

Published on Samstag, Juli 29th, 2006

Ankündigung in meiner TV-Programmzeitschrift: „Drei Familien, drei Wochen lang bei den Naturvölkern in Afrika und Asien. Die neue Doku-Soap ‚Wie die Wilden – Deutsche im Busch‘ (23.8. in Sat.1) über einen Kultur-Clash der unterhaltsamen Art – in drei Folgen.„ Aus dem offiziellen Pressetext von Sat.1: „Die Fußball-WM hat es auf den Punkt gebracht: Interkultureller Austausch […]