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Have a good summer!

Published on Donnerstag, August 6th, 2009

Thanks Sophie for the hint! Please visit PHDComics!

Multum legere …

Published on Donnerstag, August 23rd, 2007

The Strand – Supposedly the greatest antiquarian bookstore of the world, founded in 1927, nowadays storing eighteen miles of books.

New York Imagery

Published on Mittwoch, August 22nd, 2007

Statue of Liberty, New York Southside Manhattan Skyline Jersey City Skyline Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan, New York Reflections Greenwich Village, New York Water Tanks for Sprinkler Systems in Midtown New York The Great Lawn, Central Park, New York


Published on Dienstag, August 21st, 2007

Donna Karan, New York, Houston Street West w/ Broadway

Mapuche Research Paper

Published on Freitag, März 30th, 2007

In 2002 I spent March and April in Santiago de Chile for a short-time trainee- ship in the Non Governmental Organization Centro de Estudios Ciudadanos. Contrary to all my expectations I was requested to start a short research about the necessities and interests of capacities in Mapuche women in the metropolitan area of Santiago. In […]

Traveling India

Published on Samstag, Februar 24th, 2007

Click pic to enlarge … Many thanks to I.P.S.!

Rallye Allgäu – Orient

Published on Mittwoch, Februar 7th, 2007

„Cultural Rallye for Oldies and Youngtimers from the Allgäu to the Orient“ ! Start: Oberstaufen, Germany. Destination: Amman, Jordan(ia). Rules: 1) Vehicles of twenty years and older. 2) Vehicles of 2.000 Euros and less. 3) Vehicles stay in Jordan(ia) for the good cause or will be scrapped along the route. 4) Entry fee is 111,11 […]

I Think Not Traveling Asia

Published on Samstag, Januar 20th, 2007

Meanwhile a sincere friend of mine has started his own blog called Traveling Asia. His story is quite interesting. About three years ago he decided to leave everything behind, fed up with his work and his living in Boston, USA. He decided to reorganize his life in three phases. First, according to his motto „The […]

Oktoberfest … with a difference!

Published on

After one month travel(l)ing Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, and a very few days of re-organization, I headed to Toronto right before starting the first part of my doctoral field research in Honduras. I simply had to take this opportunity to finally visit some old friends again, once met about nine years ago in a […]

Rough Seas

Published on Samstag, Dezember 9th, 2006