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San Juan, Honduras – in mid of lagunes and the Caribbean

Published on Samstag, Dezember 9th, 2006

Culture in West Canada

Published on Mittwoch, Oktober 4th, 2006

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Logging in West Canada

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Wildlife in West Canada

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Nature in West Canada

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Intermediate Return

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Back home … but only an intermediate return! Because it is just a short four-day break from traveling a couple of weeks in West-Canada before heading off for the real field research with the Garínagu in Honduras on Friday. Resumeé: we had a spendid time throughout Western Canada. We started our round-trip in Calgary and […]

Off for Field Research

Published on Dienstag, August 29th, 2006

Well, everyone, this is my call to head off for field research, finally. Last days have been very busy because of all the midterm evaluation and organization to be done. I wish I could have posted more lately but I actually just finished in time just to get all my stuff ready for take-off. In […]

French Impressions

Published on Mittwoch, August 16th, 2006

Off For Holidays

Published on Sonntag, Juli 30th, 2006

Beach, Beer, BBQ, Balcony, Sun, Sea, Silence, … , and lots of midterm evaluations to be done. Off for a short break and before I really hit the road. Back in two weeks! You all have a great summer as well…


Published on Donnerstag, Juni 29th, 2006

In: Dietrich Reimer’s Mitteilungen für Ansiedler, Farmer, Tropenpflanzer, Beamte, Forschungsreisende und Kaufleute. Jahrgang 1909, Heft 2, S. 87. Articles found on Hygiama: – Brauch, Wilhelm, 1925: Ãœber den Vitamingehalt des Diätetischen Nährpräparates „Hygiama“. Journal of Molecular Medicine, Volume 4, Issue 46. – Sobotta, 1902: Konzentrierte Nährmittel. Das Rothe Kreuz 20, 474 (Dr. Theinhardts Hygiama). Comment: […]