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Home of Field Research

Published on Donnerstag, Juni 22nd, 2006

My dear friend anthronaut will be leaving for Perú soon. Good luck!! He had a brilliant idea indicating where he will be at. Have a look yourselves! Predestined for copying this idea, thanks also to Google Earth. This is where I will be spending days and nights very soon for my doctoral field research on […]

Visited Countries

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Visited Countries Project … via odd-fish and anthronaut.

Metro Bits

Published on Montag, Mai 29th, 2006

„The most elegant way of travelling is, without doubt, teleportation. Science-fiction movies have made us familiar with teleportation: people enter a small cabin, dial their destination, and faster than they can say „see you later“, they disappear from the cabin and re-appear in a similar cabin at their destination. No pollution, no noisy roads, no […]

Guess who?

Published on Donnerstag, Mai 11th, 2006


Published on Montag, Mai 1st, 2006

Some more impressions of bygone travels … this time Australia. I know the quality is horrible, but at the moment all this is especially for me playing around on this site!


Published on Sonntag, April 30th, 2006

Here are some photos I took in Cuba several years ago … enjoy! Click here! (Maybe someone could help one day on how to embed the simpleviewer/flash player into the actual post!?)