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Project Bismarck

Published on Freitag, Januar 4th, 2008

Linda Radford, believe it or not my host mom during my student exchange year in 1994/95 in Bismarck, Missouri, has engaged herself in a very neat little project. Co-authored by her lifelong friend Linda Derby, currently residing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but also born and raised in the bluff only about one hour south of St. […]

Maypole in Buchenberg

Published on Dienstag, Mai 1st, 2007

Today, the 1st of May known as May Day in general, a traditional holiday in many countries throughout the world and in „pre-Christian European pagan cultures“ which marks the beginning of summer, we celebrated the erection of our Maypole here in my hometown. The maypole is a tall wooden pole decorated with several long coloured […]

The Barbarian Treasure

Published on Dienstag, März 20th, 2007

„When a ship sank to the bottom of the Rhine at Neupotz in Rhineland-Palati- nate in the 3rd Century A.D., it took with it over 700 kg of metal artifacts of the Roman period, precious and mundane. Thanks to an international reco- very effort, visitors to the Römisches Museum in Augsburg can soon immerse themselves […]

„How to eat white sausage“

Published on

„Why is Bavaria famous everywhere throughout the world for its Bratwurst?“ I ask myself in a previous entry on the Oktoberfest a couple of weeks ago. Not only for its Bratwurst in general but also for its Weißwurst in particular. The 22nd of February 1857 the beer cellar „Zum ewigen Licht“ at the Marien- platz […]

Funkenfeuer in Buchenberg

Published on Dienstag, Februar 27th, 2007

On Sunday Invocavit, the 1st Sunday of fasting, our region as well as some parts of Austria and Switzerland celebrate a tradition called „Funkenfeuer“ (maybe best translated as „fire of flying sparks“). The days before youngsters collect old christmas trees, wood, straw, and crates within the local area. Now- adays associations dedicated to the maintenance […]


Published on Donnerstag, Juni 29th, 2006

In: Dietrich Reimer’s Mitteilungen für Ansiedler, Farmer, Tropenpflanzer, Beamte, Forschungsreisende und Kaufleute. Jahrgang 1909, Heft 2, S. 87. Articles found on Hygiama: – Brauch, Wilhelm, 1925: Ãœber den Vitamingehalt des Diätetischen Nährpräparates „Hygiama“. Journal of Molecular Medicine, Volume 4, Issue 46. – Sobotta, 1902: Konzentrierte Nährmittel. Das Rothe Kreuz 20, 474 (Dr. Theinhardts Hygiama). Comment: […]

Dutch Intervention In Brazil

Published on Mittwoch, Juni 28th, 2006

Although Dutch occupation and settlement in Brazil all in all only play a minor role in world and colonial history, there are some interesting facts and very important relics of that time. Also drawn by high profit expectations of slave- based sugar industry, in 1630 the Dutch conquered a strip along the northeast coast, what’s […]