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Rallye Allgäu – Orient

Published on Mittwoch, Februar 7th, 2007

„Cultural Rallye for Oldies and Youngtimers from the Allgäu to the Orient“ ! Start: Oberstaufen, Germany. Destination: Amman, Jordan(ia). Rules: 1) Vehicles of twenty years and older. 2) Vehicles of 2.000 Euros and less. 3) Vehicles stay in Jordan(ia) for the good cause or will be scrapped along the route. 4) Entry fee is 111,11 […]

New Features

Published on Mittwoch, Januar 31st, 2007

Thinking about blogosphere I couldn’t help to feel disappointed of many plea- sant and helpful entries lost in the great void of the world wide web within time. Consequently I started to install and test new plugins here on this site. First of all, there is a new feature called „Popularity Contest“, kindly provided by […]

Night on Earth

Published on Sonntag, Januar 28th, 2007

Being well sloshed—and succesfully having unnerved the bartender—they are parting at 2am. „I will google you,“ she says as a good bye. „Finally,“ he thinks while watching the taxi receding into the unknown city’s dim lights, „the information age has penetrated all aspects of my life.“ cited via zephyrin in xirdalium

Maria – Metropolis‘ Evil Seductress

Published on Dienstag, Januar 23rd, 2007

One of the first entries here discussed Metro- polis, a science-fiction-based movie released in 1927 by Fritz Lang. Now, 80 years after its première, toy company Stenco, known for its robots since 1955, reconstructed Maria. Created when the face and soul of human activist Maria is transferred to a female robot, robot Maria now becomes […]

I Think Not Traveling Asia

Published on Samstag, Januar 20th, 2007

Meanwhile a sincere friend of mine has started his own blog called Traveling Asia. His story is quite interesting. About three years ago he decided to leave everything behind, fed up with his work and his living in Boston, USA. He decided to reorganize his life in three phases. First, according to his motto „The […]

Hacked and Cracked

Published on Freitag, Juli 21st, 2006

Well, warauduati got hacked and cracked last night by Turk Internet Kullanicilarina Ozel or Siber Savacilar (here their website). Whatever that means, whoever they are, whatever they want, they definitely did show me that network security is a question of its own. However, to a certain degree I think it was funny and I do […]


Published on Mittwoch, Juli 5th, 2006

The World Cup is almost over … but here is a last „Schmankerl“ for you all! Playing with clichés … For a complete and official download … go to Pepsi MyDaDaDa.

The Russian Cup

Published on Dienstag, Juli 4th, 2006

Anne Rethmann, a fellow student of mine and currently as an exchange student in Columbia, and her friend Leo Rúa are in the newspaper today (jetzt – Süddeutsche Zeitung)! Within the last months they filmed and produced an interesting documentary in Bogotá. Titled „Der Russenpokal“ respectively „Die Geschichte vom Russenpokal und der seltsamsten Fußball-Liga der […]

Tour de Farce

Published on Freitag, Juni 30th, 2006

For several years now I have been one of the greatest fans of cycling sports, especially the Tour de France, one of the greatest sporting events every year, at least from my point of view. I remember sitting in my apartment in Munich during a hot July taking a sip of a good ice-cold beer […]

Back On

Published on Montag, Juni 26th, 2006

So finally … I got my blog to work again. Unfortunately the whole weekend the site was DOWN! Reason: within last week my stats tripled each single day („three to the fifth“), because of so many requests, googles, and pursuits of Stevie Ryan aka Little Loca. Consequently wp_stattraq tripled each day, too, causing limits on […]