Culture in West Canada

Published on Mittwoch, Oktober 4th, 2006

Welcome … to the Memorial Centre … as they once lived!

Ksan Village at Old Hazelton

Kitwanga Totem Poles

Modern Longhouse

In the Gingolx Community

Till Hudson’s Bay Company came…

Barkerville Impressions

Old fishing village

Once upon a time…

…when totem poles almost were forgotton…

… or their spirits yet revived.

Wild West harmony still nowadays.

Canadian Pacific

Totem Poles in Victoria

Chinatown in Victoria

Victoria Condos behind Swimming Houses

The Empress Hotel in Victoria

Victoria by Night

Mariposa Fruit Stand near the Okanagan Valley

„Pumpkin Fruit Stand“

A new world in the oil and stampede capital of the world – Calgary.

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