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Metro Bits

Published on Montag, Mai 29th, 2006

„The most elegant way of travelling is, without doubt, teleportation. Science-fiction movies have made us familiar with teleportation: people enter a small cabin, dial their destination, and faster than they can say „see you later“, they disappear from the cabin and re-appear in a similar cabin at their destination. No pollution, no noisy roads, no […]


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In the last session of my tutorial questions arose on what Thick Description actually is, were it comes from, how it might be best defined, how Clifford Geertz used it and what to think of „one of the most widely used texts in introductory anthropology courses“ (Kerim, Savage Minds). And as if the world wouldn’t […]


Published on Dienstag, Mai 23rd, 2006

Inspired by the new entry of zephyrin_xirdal on „unrealised moscow“ pointing to „The Architecture of Moscow from the 1930s to the early 1950s. Unrealised projects“ I suddenly remembered a lecture I once attended in my subsidiary Volkskunde called „Entdeckung des Alltags im Bild“ held by Prof. Dr. Helge Gerndt. There we discussed the impact of […]

Have a smoke!

Published on Montag, Mai 15th, 2006

Just by case I found this wonderful pic by cruising the alliance presentations in somewhat called OGame. Unfortunately though I still cannot get to work WP Lightbox Plus perfectly. I will work on it…

Guess who?

Published on Donnerstag, Mai 11th, 2006

FIFA World Cup 2006

Published on Dienstag, Mai 9th, 2006

I knew that living back again in the remote part of Southern Germany would have at least some advantages … ;-) ! My dear neighbour, Austria, decided long ago to broadcast all the 64 games of this years FIFA Soccer World Cup. Unlike in Munich, here I am fortunately able to receive ORF 1. Ironically […]

Protest Action

Published on Dienstag, Mai 2nd, 2006

Today, in the heart of Munich at the Marienplatz, a place frequently visited by residents on their way to work or to shop as well as by tourists because of the famous town hall with its glockenspiel, there was some hot protest action going on. The students of the Department of Cultural Anthropology and African […]


Published on Montag, Mai 1st, 2006

Some more impressions of bygone travels … this time Australia. I know the quality is horrible, but at the moment all this is especially for me playing around on this site!