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Published on Freitag, Juni 29th, 2007

Before certain matters disappear beneath the surface and finally perish … … here exclusively some sounds from almost ten years ago. jetzt & hier, 1999 late, 1998 Craving for more? What used to be an unpolished diamond originally at Callasong, seems to have already vanished into the deep and unfathomable grounds of somewhat called Open […]

A Touch Of Africa

Published on Donnerstag, Juni 28th, 2007

Modern stone sculptures from Zimbabwe, various lectures and films about and from Africa, a „Day of Africa“ and an Open Air Concert Stage for African Artists from here and there. All this is „A Touch of Africa“ in the small town of Immenstadt in the south of this region. Since yesterday, the African continent becomes […]

Quote I

Published on Mittwoch, Juni 27th, 2007

„Das ist schön bei uns Deutschen: Keiner ist so verrückt, dass er nicht einen noch Verrückteren fände, der ihn versteht.“ (Heine, Heinrich, 1824/26: Reisebilder: Die Harzreise. ) „This is nice about us Germans: Nobody is that crazy that he wouldn’t find someone even crazier, who understands him.“ (Heine, Heinrich, 1826: The Harz Journey. )

Update Africa in America

Published on Sonntag, Juni 3rd, 2007

Afrika in Amerika. Einführung in die Afroamerikanistik New Update: Thursday, 14th of June 2007, 13:50 Accompanying page for Students participating in the above course at University of Bayreuth … Quicklink to Downloads and Articles …

Black Man’s Soul

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Black Man’s Soul, Honduras