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Published on Freitag, Juni 29th, 2007

Before certain matters disappear beneath the surface and finally perish … … here exclusively some sounds from almost ten years ago. jetzt & hier, 1999 late, 1998 Craving for more? What used to be an unpolished diamond originally at Callasong, seems to have already vanished into the deep and unfathomable grounds of somewhat called Open […]

Black Man’s Soul

Published on Sonntag, Juni 3rd, 2007

Black Man’s Soul, Honduras

Africa Garífuna

Published on Sonntag, Mai 6th, 2007

Aurelio Martinez, Plaplaya, Honduras

Punta Time

Published on Freitag, April 27th, 2007

Artist: Macako (y su grupo Arena Caliente) Title: Arabu Album: Umalali Garifuna Editor: Tim Lambey, Garinet Global Inc.

Umalali: Songs of Garífuna Women

Published on Dienstag, April 10th, 2007

This short clip is a special preview of the upcoming album of the Umalali Project released soon on the earlier mentioned record label Cumbancha. The project focuses on the amazing voices and cantos of women in Garí- funa communities along the Central American Caribbean coast.

Garífuna Soul

Published on Mittwoch, April 4th, 2007

Aurelio Martínez, singer, composer, guitarist, and an apprenticed sacred dügü drummer from the small fishing village Plaplaya on the Caribbean coast of Honduras, was named newcomer of the year in 2006 by AfroPop Worldwide for his debut album Garifuna Soul produced by Stonetree Records. Titled „the new voice of Paranda„, Martínez follows in the footsteps […]


Published on Samstag, März 31st, 2007

Ethnomusicologist Jacob Edgar, head of music research and product develop- ment at the independent record label Putumayo World Music in the last years, has founded a new record label called Cumbancha, a „Cuban word of West African derivation that refers to an impromptu party or musical jam session“ (Cumbacha). The first release was the album […]

Comptine D’un Autre Ete by Stevie Ryan

Published on Montag, Januar 22nd, 2007

Nothing much happened during my absence of You Tube. Apart from another Ooolalaa music clip featuring The White Stripes with „Seven Nation Army“, the Littleloca stuff is still the same and gets kind of boring actually. Nevertheless other interpretations by Stevie Ryan keep my attention. Once again she has done a wonderful nostalgia vid that’s […]

Foretaste of Punta

Published on Sonntag, August 20th, 2006

It has almost been a week since I returned from my short-break holiday in southern France and I am already all the way up into preparation for the real gig. Besides digging my head into the correction and evaluation of the midterm exam at our department and going at it hammer and tongs to finish […]

Good old times … Funk Conexion

Published on Mittwoch, Juli 26th, 2006

As promised … trying to do the „East Bay Way“!!!