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Tower of Power

Published on Sonntag, Juli 9th, 2006

Greatest Band on Earth

Published on Donnerstag, Juli 6th, 2006

Categorized „Musicology“: Even if this is supposed to be a blog on personal ethnological notes, I very soon added „… and more“ to the title. Maybe I should rather read some Malinowskis, Sahlins‘, Herskovits‘, or Cliffords, but what the heck. Once again I came across YouTube this morning and found some neat videos of my […]

Roxanne interpreted by Ooolalaa

Published on Sonntag, Juni 18th, 2006

Guess who? Roxanne (The Police) interpreted cinematographically by Ooolalaa aka LittleLoca aka Stevie Ryan. One of my all-time favourite songs…

Vokale Küche

Published on Sonntag, April 30th, 2006

Although it seems hard at times after seven years in Munich to once again live back in my hometown and to shuttle back and forth between the two places, this has its advantages as well. Yesterday for example the annual Jazz-Frühlung started in Kempten. Initiated 20 years ago with just a few gigs this jazz-festival […]