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Off for Field Research Two

Published on Donnerstag, Juli 26th, 2007

The second phase of my field research has begun. First a few days in New York, USA, to interview Garínagu migrated to Manhattan and Brooklyn, then once again in the community of San Juan near Tela, Honduras, and the surrounding villages. You all have a great summer …

Quote III

Published on Mittwoch, Juli 11th, 2007

„Nach meinem Research war ich speziell auf Mais und Weizen bullish (…)“ (Hufeisen, Mark, 2007: ABN AMRO marketindex magazin, Nr. 07, S.33.) By chance I found this sentence in the above indicated magazine while riding the train back home from the University of Bayreuth today. I don’t know why, but I directly had to take […]

Update 2 Africa in America

Published on Montag, Juli 9th, 2007

Afrika in Amerika. Einführung in die Afroamerikanistik Update: Monday, 9th of July 2007, 19:37 Accompanying page for Students participating in the above course at University of Bayreuth … Quicklink to Downloads and Articles … … seems like a splendid and informative penultimate session. C ya all Wednesday. M.M.

Last Snowfall in May

Published on Sonntag, Juli 8th, 2007

Impressions of Home. Last snowfall in the Allgäuer Alpen the end of May …

Quote II

Published on Samstag, Juli 7th, 2007

„Anyone who flaunts a portable phone as a symbol of power is, on the contrary, announcing to all and sundry his desperate, subaltern position, in which he is obliged to snap to attention, even when making love (…)“. (Eco, Umberto, 1994: How to Travel With a Salmon and Other Essays. London. Original 1992: Il secondo […]