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Funkenfeuer in Buchenberg

Published on Dienstag, Februar 27th, 2007

On Sunday Invocavit, the 1st Sunday of fasting, our region as well as some parts of Austria and Switzerland celebrate a tradition called „Funkenfeuer“ (maybe best translated as „fire of flying sparks“). The days before youngsters collect old christmas trees, wood, straw, and crates within the local area. Now- adays associations dedicated to the maintenance […]

Winter Impressions … in Summer !

Published on Samstag, Juli 15th, 2006

Just a few impressions of what winter was all about around here. Although these pics are actually quite nice … believe me … it wasn’t always like this – the snow had to fall first and later we had to clear the roofs!

Entre Coleccionistas Panini

Published on Freitag, Juni 9th, 2006

About three weeks ago I became infected as well … a virus very dangerous circulating around the globe as it seems … the virus causes the so-called „panini-syndrome“, highly connected with an event that is going to start within very few hours … El Mundial, die Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft, the FIFA Soccer World Cup. Today „High Noon“ […]

FIFA World Cup 2006

Published on Dienstag, Mai 9th, 2006

I knew that living back again in the remote part of Southern Germany would have at least some advantages … ;-) ! My dear neighbour, Austria, decided long ago to broadcast all the 64 games of this years FIFA Soccer World Cup. Unlike in Munich, here I am fortunately able to receive ORF 1. Ironically […]