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New Gear ;-)

Published on Samstag, Juli 15th, 2006

Multimedia Report: Das Finale der Passanten

Published on Montag, Juli 10th, 2006

Matthias Eberl has developped and programmed a new form of journalistic presentation: the multimedia report. When we spoke about this just a few days ago I couldn’t really envisage what he was talking about but now he has published his first report in co-operation with the youth magazine of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. A very […]

Tower of Power

Published on Sonntag, Juli 9th, 2006

Greatest Band on Earth

Published on Donnerstag, Juli 6th, 2006

Categorized „Musicology“: Even if this is supposed to be a blog on personal ethnological notes, I very soon added „… and more“ to the title. Maybe I should rather read some Malinowskis, Sahlins‘, Herskovits‘, or Cliffords, but what the heck. Once again I came across YouTube this morning and found some neat videos of my […]


Published on Mittwoch, Juli 5th, 2006

The World Cup is almost over … but here is a last „Schmankerl“ for you all! Playing with clichés … For a complete and official download … go to Pepsi MyDaDaDa.

The Russian Cup

Published on Dienstag, Juli 4th, 2006

Anne Rethmann, a fellow student of mine and currently as an exchange student in Columbia, and her friend Leo Rúa are in the newspaper today (jetzt – Süddeutsche Zeitung)! Within the last months they filmed and produced an interesting documentary in Bogotá. Titled „Der Russenpokal“ respectively „Die Geschichte vom Russenpokal und der seltsamsten Fußball-Liga der […]