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Off For Holidays

Published on Sonntag, Juli 30th, 2006

Beach, Beer, BBQ, Balcony, Sun, Sea, Silence, … , and lots of midterm evaluations to be done. Off for a short break and before I really hit the road. Back in two weeks! You all have a great summer as well…

Zu Gast Bei Freunden

Published on Samstag, Juli 29th, 2006

Ankündigung in meiner TV-Programmzeitschrift: „Drei Familien, drei Wochen lang bei den Naturvölkern in Afrika und Asien. Die neue Doku-Soap ‚Wie die Wilden – Deutsche im Busch‘ (23.8. in Sat.1) über einen Kultur-Clash der unterhaltsamen Art – in drei Folgen.„ Aus dem offiziellen Pressetext von Sat.1: „Die Fußball-WM hat es auf den Punkt gebracht: Interkultureller Austausch […]

Discussion IV … Ethnologik

Published on Mittwoch, Juli 26th, 2006

And last but not least … No. 4: The newest debate is about the editorial of the new edition of Ethnologik, the student magazine of the Department of Ethnology and African Studies in Munich. The new crew, many thanks to them for publishing a wonderful new issue with enlightening and exciting articles (although I have […]

Discussion III … Stevie Ryan

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And here is No. 3: Since my entry on Stevie Ryan aka Littleloca, the new born YouTube Star, I received tons of hits and various comments on yet another issue of stereotypes, ethnicity and identity. It would be too much to get into the whole thing again, I only use the opportunity to at least […]

Discussion II … Cannibalism

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Here is No.2: You might remember my post on Pirates of the Caribbean 2, there I already mentioned the discussion that is going on for quite a few weeks now, how the new episode of the movie presents Caribs as Cannibals. By now there are more comments on the original CAC Review Entry as well […]

Discussion I … the Bombenkrater

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Within the last days there have been quite a few very interesting and valuable discussions going on … all regarding ethnology, the actual purpose of this blog. Although I won’t make a great fuss out of it, I just would like to let you know and welcome you to join. So here is No. 1: […]

Good old times … Funk Conexion

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As promised … trying to do the „East Bay Way“!!!

Hacked and Cracked

Published on Freitag, Juli 21st, 2006

Well, warauduati got hacked and cracked last night by Turk Internet Kullanicilarina Ozel or Siber Savacilar (here their website). Whatever that means, whoever they are, whatever they want, they definitely did show me that network security is a question of its own. However, to a certain degree I think it was funny and I do […]

Published on Sonntag, Juli 16th, 2006

A group of students at the Department of Ethnology in Münster has founded an open online-magazine for culture and society called For their first edition they have chosen „Cannibalism“ as the number one topic. Besides a general introduction „Kannibalismus – Tod eines Mythos“ to the subject, there is a very interesting article about Anthropologist […]

Winter Impressions … in Summer !

Published on Samstag, Juli 15th, 2006

Just a few impressions of what winter was all about around here. Although these pics are actually quite nice … believe me … it wasn’t always like this – the snow had to fall first and later we had to clear the roofs!