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Man in Manali

Published on Dienstag, Februar 27th, 2007

Adam Ball, director and cinematographer, with a Bachelor’s Degree in ethno- graphic filmmaking and involved with the Garífuna language program at the University of Florida in Gainesville, and Alison Muckenfuss, photographer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, announce the upcoming release of their new documentary called „Man in Manali“ produced by their own company High […]

Funkenfeuer in Buchenberg

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On Sunday Invocavit, the 1st Sunday of fasting, our region as well as some parts of Austria and Switzerland celebrate a tradition called „Funkenfeuer“ (maybe best translated as „fire of flying sparks“). The days before youngsters collect old christmas trees, wood, straw, and crates within the local area. Now- adays associations dedicated to the maintenance […]

Traveling India

Published on Samstag, Februar 24th, 2007

Click pic to enlarge … Many thanks to I.P.S.!

Rallye Allgäu – Orient

Published on Mittwoch, Februar 7th, 2007

„Cultural Rallye for Oldies and Youngtimers from the Allgäu to the Orient“ ! Start: Oberstaufen, Germany. Destination: Amman, Jordan(ia). Rules: 1) Vehicles of twenty years and older. 2) Vehicles of 2.000 Euros and less. 3) Vehicles stay in Jordan(ia) for the good cause or will be scrapped along the route. 4) Entry fee is 111,11 […]

Inca Treasures

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„The Curse of the Caribbean“ – not only because of the latest discussion on Disney’s cannibals – but also on gold as a curse itself, Inca gold! After a sensational success in Leipzig and Berlin with more than 80.000 visitors, the Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg presents the exhibition „Der Fluch des Goldes – 1000 Jahre […]