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Bored with the Internet

Published on Montag, Mai 7th, 2007

„Bored with the Internet“ by Randall Munroe found at his webcomic site xkcd – A Wecomic of Romance, Sarcasm, Math, and Language – also known for his latest approach of a Map of Online Communities. … in a detour via Savage Minds … and boing boing.

Africa Garífuna

Published on Sonntag, Mai 6th, 2007

Aurelio Martinez, Plaplaya, Honduras

„Shock and Awe“ and Why Black isn’t Black at all!

Published on Dienstag, Mai 1st, 2007

The election campaign for the next US-Presidency has started as early as never before. Although we are fourteen months ahead of the popular votes and even far from the Primaries, the rally is already in full swing. Especially among Democrats the race for a probable candidate to the Presidency is under way, but also Republicans […]

Maypole in Buchenberg

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Today, the 1st of May known as May Day in general, a traditional holiday in many countries throughout the world and in „pre-Christian European pagan cultures“ which marks the beginning of summer, we celebrated the erection of our Maypole here in my hometown. The maypole is a tall wooden pole decorated with several long coloured […]