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New Features

Published on Mittwoch, Januar 31st, 2007

Thinking about blogosphere I couldn’t help to feel disappointed of many plea- sant and helpful entries lost in the great void of the world wide web within time. Consequently I started to install and test new plugins here on this site. First of all, there is a new feature called „Popularity Contest“, kindly provided by […]

Heli-Africa: Hamburg to Cape Town

Published on Sonntag, Januar 28th, 2007

Michael Poliza, a wildlife, nature, and landscape photographer known for his images in National Geographic, Nature’s Best Photography, Africa Geographic, Travel Africa, and Stern, and his friend Stefan Breuer recently crossed Africa at low levels by helicopter. The results are fantastic aerial and close-up views and an interesting to read daily diary. The project „Heli-Africa: […]

Night on Earth

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Being well sloshed—and succesfully having unnerved the bartender—they are parting at 2am. „I will google you,“ she says as a good bye. „Finally,“ he thinks while watching the taxi receding into the unknown city’s dim lights, „the information age has penetrated all aspects of my life.“ cited via zephyrin in xirdalium

Maria – Metropolis‘ Evil Seductress

Published on Dienstag, Januar 23rd, 2007

One of the first entries here discussed Metro- polis, a science-fiction-based movie released in 1927 by Fritz Lang. Now, 80 years after its première, toy company Stenco, known for its robots since 1955, reconstructed Maria. Created when the face and soul of human activist Maria is transferred to a female robot, robot Maria now becomes […]

Comptine D’un Autre Ete by Stevie Ryan

Published on Montag, Januar 22nd, 2007

Nothing much happened during my absence of You Tube. Apart from another Ooolalaa music clip featuring The White Stripes with „Seven Nation Army“, the Littleloca stuff is still the same and gets kind of boring actually. Nevertheless other interpretations by Stevie Ryan keep my attention. Once again she has done a wonderful nostalgia vid that’s […]

I Think Not Traveling Asia

Published on Samstag, Januar 20th, 2007

Meanwhile a sincere friend of mine has started his own blog called Traveling Asia. His story is quite interesting. About three years ago he decided to leave everything behind, fed up with his work and his living in Boston, USA. He decided to reorganize his life in three phases. First, according to his motto „The […]

Oktoberfest … with a difference!

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After one month travel(l)ing Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, and a very few days of re-organization, I headed to Toronto right before starting the first part of my doctoral field research in Honduras. I simply had to take this opportunity to finally visit some old friends again, once met about nine years ago in a […]

Keeps on Blogging!

Published on Freitag, Januar 19th, 2007

Well, I have been back for quite a few days now. I heard that some people were disappointed by anthronaut and me about not blogging during field research in the actually promised way. But … to be honest, during the last months I sure would have loved to keep you posted more … being on […]

Goodbye Honduras…

Published on Sonntag, Januar 7th, 2007

Goodbye Honduras … at least for now!


Published on Montag, Januar 1st, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007 … and … MY BEST WISHES FROM TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS ! … Lucky Charms … in La Ceiba, Honduras … … or territorial marks of youth gangs? … „Shoe flinging“ or „Shoefiti“ and urban legends … see Wikipedia for more!