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Tour de Farce

Published on Freitag, Juni 30th, 2006

For several years now I have been one of the greatest fans of cycling sports, especially the Tour de France, one of the greatest sporting events every year, at least from my point of view. I remember sitting in my apartment in Munich during a hot July taking a sip of a good ice-cold beer […]


Published on Donnerstag, Juni 29th, 2006

In: Dietrich Reimer’s Mitteilungen für Ansiedler, Farmer, Tropenpflanzer, Beamte, Forschungsreisende und Kaufleute. Jahrgang 1909, Heft 2, S. 87. Articles found on Hygiama: – Brauch, Wilhelm, 1925: Ãœber den Vitamingehalt des Diätetischen Nährpräparates „Hygiama“. Journal of Molecular Medicine, Volume 4, Issue 46. – Sobotta, 1902: Konzentrierte Nährmittel. Das Rothe Kreuz 20, 474 (Dr. Theinhardts Hygiama). Comment: […]

Dutch Intervention In Brazil

Published on Mittwoch, Juni 28th, 2006

Although Dutch occupation and settlement in Brazil all in all only play a minor role in world and colonial history, there are some interesting facts and very important relics of that time. Also drawn by high profit expectations of slave- based sugar industry, in 1630 the Dutch conquered a strip along the northeast coast, what’s […]

Back On

Published on Montag, Juni 26th, 2006

So finally … I got my blog to work again. Unfortunately the whole weekend the site was DOWN! Reason: within last week my stats tripled each single day („three to the fifth“), because of so many requests, googles, and pursuits of Stevie Ryan aka Little Loca. Consequently wp_stattraq tripled each day, too, causing limits on […]

Home of Field Research

Published on Donnerstag, Juni 22nd, 2006

My dear friend anthronaut will be leaving for Perú soon. Good luck!! He had a brilliant idea indicating where he will be at. Have a look yourselves! Predestined for copying this idea, thanks also to Google Earth. This is where I will be spending days and nights very soon for my doctoral field research on […]

Visited Countries

Published on

Visited Countries Project … via odd-fish and anthronaut.

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean 2

Published on Montag, Juni 19th, 2006

We all remember Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl in 2003, I’m sure. Personally, I think, one of the funniest and best movies I have seen in the last years, which might be due to Johnny Depp acting as one of my favourites, the feeling of such easy entertainment with […]

Roxanne interpreted by Ooolalaa

Published on Sonntag, Juni 18th, 2006

Guess who? Roxanne (The Police) interpreted cinematographically by Ooolalaa aka LittleLoca aka Stevie Ryan. One of my all-time favourite songs…

Much Ado About LittleLoca from East L.A.

Published on Freitag, Juni 16th, 2006

Notes on todays cruise through the internet … My itinerary – Friday, the 16th of June 2006: 11:00 Yet another YouTube video: Germany’s joker goal in overtime to win their second match against Poland in the ongoing World Cup 2006 and celebrations in Munich (via odd-fish and 2R)! 11:05 Actually I never got into YouTube […]

Back on Earth

Published on Dienstag, Juni 13th, 2006

Photo by davidgarchey (Paris, France) in June 2006.